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Creative Financing

Lease Options are special arrangements where the home's sales price is determined today, but only to be bought in a few months or years. In the meantime, you live in the home, with a portion of your money going towards your future downpayment. This helps you raise your credit score by making regular payments, and save up extra money by not having to pay property taxes. The best part? You are already living in your future home before you buy it, allowing you to begin putting down roots for your family and having pride of ownership! It's a true win-win situation! 

So what is Creative Financing? 

When purchasing a home, the majority of buyers finance their home using a conventional mortgage from a traditional lender like a bank. For them, you are just a number in a system, and if the number is not good enough, too bad. This can leave many hopeful families frustrated and disappointed. 

Many situations can "disqualify" a potential homebuyer, such as:

  • A new immigrant or young adult with little or no established credit,

  • An individual who has money saved but insufficient documentation to support it,

  • A new job, seasonal or contract work, known as "unstable employment",

  • High debt ratios or excessive access to credit,

  • An individual who had a bankruptcy and is black-balled,

We see the value in people. We know that people are complex beings and not just a series of numbers on an application. Therefore, we find creative ways to help our buyers purchase a home they may not necessarily have been able to qualify for traditionally. 

Our Solution

Our favourite solution is the Lease Option. Find out how it works below.

Lease Options

You're Never out of Options.